James Ford

Software Engineer


About Me

My name is James and I love trying out new things in the software world. I received a CS degree in 2013 and have been a professional software engineer ever since. I have professional experience in writing APIs, backend development and frontend web dev.

I've been using Linux in different ways for nearly a decade and a half and enjoy heavily configuring my workspace. I've used Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch and tried countless other distros as well.

I'm currently contracting for a few companies and am open to new freelancing positions.



  • Java (+Spring)
  • Node.js (+Electron)
  • PHP (+Laravel)
  • Nginx


  • Bootstrap/Materialize
  • Javascript (+Jquery)


  • Gradle/Ant/Ivy
  • AWS EC2/Lambda
  • Git & Gitlab CI
  • Linux/Bash

This Site

This site is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance and is supported by Nginx and Node.js. SSL is provided by Certbot.

Everything was written on the instance itself using Vim. You can try out my minimal, portable config by running :so http://vim.jamesford.io/ inside Vim.

There is NO Javascript on the frontend of this site! This page is completely built using HTML and CSS.